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Open enrollment Begins on November 1st, 2015:


All Freelancers Union  members enrolled in the new plans that you were placed in by Freelancers Union with the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO have the right to switch their plan into the same or different carrier through Janurary 31st.  


We know it’s been a tough road full of change for you this year, and nobody knows this better than JayMar Insurance Agency.  We are here to help you!


We have counseled over 500 Freelancers Unoin members looking for better and/or more affordable coverage.  There is nobody that knows Freelancers better.



Dear Freelancers Union Members,

WE KNOW you are frustrated!  First you have this great PPO with Empire, you had out-of-network coverage, low copays, low premiums, and then Freelancers Union took it all away (with some help from the ACA). Now all Freelancers are treated as individuals when it comes to insurance.  Gone are the days where you can go into a union or group of some sort as a freelancer and get coverages only afforded to businesses. Freelancers Union is NOT offering you a group plan any longer. They are simply acting as a broker at this point, and this past year they automatically enrolled you into a plan THEY chose for you unless you told them different.  


The plans they made available to you and automatically enrolled their members into are available in the open market, aka the Exchange, at THE SAME PREMIUMS.  Unless you choose the options available to use the 2 Freelancers Medical clinics – (which we have heard are incredible) – that most Freelancers Union members do not even utilize, we can see no logical reason to stay with Freelancers Union for your health insurance needs.  You CANNOT receive a subsidy if you go through Freelancers.  Most freelancers we speak to suprisingly enough do qualify for subsidies.

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The good news: NOW you have far greater choices than you have ever had!  The Affordable Care Act has opened the market to a plethora of affordable choices not previously available.  YOU DO NOT ONLY HAVE HMOs to choose from, as there are also plenty of EPOs available. With HMOs, you have to go to your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to obtain a referral EVERY TIME you need to go to a specialist.  This results in more out of pocket expenses than you would have if you had chosen an EPO, where you do not need a PCP’s referral before seeing a specialist. There are no PPOs available to individual freelancers any longer which offer you out of network benefits BUT there are some plans available where from anywhere in the US you can get on video chat with a Board Certified Emergency Room physician who can help you and in many cases even prescribe medicine right over the internet! Also, EVERY plan has out of network benefits for emergencies. There are also plans available which give you access to a huge NATIONAL network of urgent care centers across the United States.


Call JayMar Insurance Agency for help now at 516-605-2757

JayMar insurance Agency is a local New York insurance broker who knows the current landscape of health insurance inside and out.  We know the details of every Freelancers Union plan being offered to you as we have counseled over 500 now

X-Freelancers Union members into finding the perfect fit for themselves and their families.  We work with EVERY major carrier in the marketplace on or off the exchange including United Healthcare, Oxford, Health Republic, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Oscar, North Shore LIJ Care Connect, and many others. OUR ASSISTANCE TO YOU is 100% free! We get paid directly from the insurers, and you are not charged any more in premium by using a broker than if you had not chosen to use a broker.  


Call JayMar Insurance Agency for help now at 516-605-2757

Our process is simple. In about a 45 minute to one hour phone call we will learn all about you, your family, your profession, your income, your medical history, the doctors you would like in the next network that you choose, and the hospitals in your area. Then we let you know if you qualify for any tax credit subsidies.  Finally, we will recommend a carrier, plan design, and plan based on your individual situation. Next we will schedule a follow-up call with you in which we will complete an application for you (about 20 minutes), submit it to the insurer of your choice, and make sure you are enrolled in the BEST PLAN FOR YOUR needs.


1. The only new choices you are given by Freelancers are HMOs. HMOs AND EPOs are available outside of Freelancers.

2.  The NEW NETWORK offered to you through Freelancers is called the Empire Pathway network.  Many of the doctors that you know which participated in the previous Freelancers Insurance Empire network are NOT IN THE NEW NETWORK. It is a very limited new Empire network that you are getting with the new plans Freelancers are offering to you, especially in New York CIty.

3. Competitors of Empire include acupuncture coverage in plans whereas Freelancers Empire does not. Some carriers have no copay for mental health benefits (ie. therapy), zero copays for your primary care physician, national networks of urgent care centers, out of state coverage…. Empire Pathway (Freelancer offered network) does not.

4. There are other carriers whose network doubles that of Empire’s, including Memorial Sloan Kettering as well as many other hospitals which are not HMOs and have lower deductibles AT LOWER PREMIUMS.

5. Subsidies are NOT AVAILABLE to Freelancer members if you go through Freelancers to choose your plan. Subsidies are available to: individuals earning an AGI between approximately $16-46K, Couples earning $22-62K, Families of 3 $27-78K, and Families of 4+ $33-94K, Families of 5 $39-110K (above figures based on families with children age 19-25, and varies somewhat with children under 19).

2. Freelancers does not include Memorial Sloan Kettering in their network. IT IS NOT the “regular” Empire networks you may have come to know. The new network you will be in is called Empire Pathway.

6. Many of the Freelancers plans include co-insurance, which is a percentage of whatever bills you are charged, rather than a copay (a fixed amount you pay for each bill). Most folks are far more comfortable with copays. Most other plans available away from Freelancers come with copays.

7. If you want to see a PCP out of the Freelancers “Clinics”, you would have to pay each time you go. There are plans available where you pay nothing to see your PCP.

8. The MOST expensive plan with Empire’s biggest competitor is $588 whereas the least expensive is $333. EVERY single plan from their competitor comes with FAR richer benefits, lower deductibles and with over double the network. Your premium would be even lower with a subsidy.

Call JayMar Insurance Agency for help now at 516-605-2757……… We know everything about every plan being offered to you by Freelancers as well as all plans available in today’s market.