Mark set me up with a health insurance policy with Oxford. The next year, my same policy increased roughly 14%. While this initially sounds bad, note that this increase impacted everyone. Mark’s own policy was impacted by the increase. Mark worked with me to adjust the policy to eliminate things that I didn’t really need in order to reduce the overall cost. He put in extra time to analyze the options. He also put in extra time to visit my office and explain his findings. In the end, the adjustments resulted in a decrease. While I can’t say that my policy cost went down the next year, I can say that Mark helped make the best of the bad situation of Perpetual health insurance cost increases which impacts everyone. The odds are that you’ll end up paying more than necessary if you don’t engage someone like Mark to help you navigate the options. 


– Ronald S. Cook Law



Mark and Jason Samel of JayMar Insurance Agency has provided our Village with exceptional services. Business is conducted in a highly professional, friendly, and courteous manner. Since I have minimal insurance experience, Mark has gone above and beyond to help me, and I am confident, and very grateful for his superior service. I highly recommend Mark Samel and JayMar Insurance Agency, and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.


– Jayne Barth
Babylon Village Deputy Treasurer



“When Freelancers Union changed their coverage for the worse, Jason made a point of reaching out to members and offering guidance in making alternative choices. What impressed me most were the details he had at his fingertips, both about the specific liabilities of the new Freelancers’ plans (no coverage at Sloan-Kettering, for one) and the specific benefits of alternate plans. I had already made a preliminary decision, but Jason’s input reinforced that choice, and he navigated the purchase through the Exchange. When my husband subsequently lost his coverage, Jason sprang into action adding him to my plan and getting the state to offer retroactive coverage so we wouldn’t have a gap. Navigating health insurance options is not easy, and Jason’s help was invaluable.”                                                                                                         –Kristin, Brooklyn


“JayMar Insurance Agency and Mark Samel were very thorough and attentive when it came to signing up for health insurance for the first time with the NYS Health Exchange. Mark walked me through every form and step-by-step, explained different scenarios and price options available to me. He was clear, to the point, responsive and detail-orientated. Thank you JayMar Insurance.”   

–Hector, Brooklyn


“JayMar Insurance is a pleasure to work with.  I first contacted them from a referral, and I was in a bit of a panic trying to figure out all the insurance stuff.  Jay was personable, smart, friendly and practical.  He called me when it was convenient for me and answered all my questions.  I felt extremely comfortable that I was in good hands through his combination of information and advice, just what I needed.  As a small business owner, I am faced with many decisions each day, often with large consequences for me and my team.  Jay’s leadership and caring, his follow up and ongoing understanding of the industry gave me the confidence to move forward with my important insurance decisions. I look forward to relying on Jay as a resource for many years to come and recommend him highly and without reservation.”                    –Lori, New York City


“I found Jason of JayMar Insurance through a post on Facebook. He does not disappoint. Him and his team are knowledgeable and support in handling the challenging landscape of Health Insurance in today’s marketplace. He is a great listener and guided us through not only the options but stayed the course through securing coverage, as well as follow up down the road to insure all was going smoothly.  I highly recommend you give them a call.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  –-Gayle, New York City


“Jason from JayMar was extremely helpful when I needed to navigate the health insurance exchange for the first time in order to switch to a new plan.  He helped me pick out the best plan for my specific needs and made the whole process very simple.  I’m very happy with my new plan, thank you!”

                                                                                                                                                                                –Kara, Long Beach NY


“…I am glad I spoke with Jason late last year about my options.  He was clear, patient and very knowledgeable about what was available to me, the choices based on the new insurance laws, and how I can get better coverage at a more reasonable rate.  I’d recommend Jaymar Insurance to anyone – they are true professionals!”

–Richard, Pearl River


“JayMar Insurance is a professional, reliable and savvy group that I would recommend to anyone looking to get the best insurance rates and services out there. A+ service.” 

-Kathrin, New York City




“Jason Samel is not only a highly knowledgeable insurance agent, but when I needed an advocate at the New York state of health Jason was there for me and my family.  He helped me navigate an extremely complex problem. And he knew the New York system better than its own representatives.”

–Stuart, Monroe



Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have worked closely with Mark and Jason Samel for over 3 years and have found them both to conscientious, professional, courteous and considerate of their customers. They both are quick to make an extra follow up or lead call. Their pricing is superb and we cannot say enough about the professionalism and ethical manner in which they care for our account. We anticipate many years with and referrals to the JayMar Insurance Agency.


– Stephen Khanamirian
President and CEO
VAK Capital, LLC
224 East Jericho Turnpike
South Huntington, NY 11746




Dear JayMar Insurance,

We here atLeader Textile have been more than satisfied with the work that JayMar Insurance has done for us.  We thank you greatly for all of the great work you have done for us.  

JayMar has been extremely responsive to all of our phone calls, and works tirelessly to make sure that we are receiving the best insurance and the best rates possible for our company.  What makes us most comfortable about JayMar Insurance is knowing that if a better deal for our company comes along, JayMar will present it to us regardless of how it effects them.  They look out for us.  We hear from Jason often, and it’s nice to know that they are often thinking of us.


– Sincerely,
Peter Delijani
Executive Vice President
Leader Textile




Dear Mark;

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial to you. Our relationship began in the early 2000’s. At this time, I was impressed with the personal care that you provided with regards to establishing health insurance for mysmall firm. At the time, we had three eligible people to cover for health insurance. You treated me as I had a 200 person firm. You went out of your way to understand what our medical needs were and found the best coverage for us. Through the following years when renewal time came, you again gave me as much of your personal time as I needed to find the most affordable coverage that was available. I value our relationship and will continue to pick your brain with all my health insurance needs.


– Very truly yours,
Ronald C. Tetelman