Employee Vision Care Benefits


jaymar insurance vision care


There are two types of Vision Care plans offered today:


Insured Vision Care Plan


    1. Employees can use any provider of their choice
    2. Includes a network of providers where there are low out-of-pocket co-pays when in-network providers are used
    3. Schedule of maximum benefits payable for non-network services
    4. Includes a maximum period allowed for services (for example: Exams allowed once every 12 months, lenses and frames allowed once every 24 months)
    5. There is no plan maximum and no deductibles

Discount Vision Care Plan


This is not insurance but a discount Vision plan


    1. Discounts to provider’s standard fees are offered when using one
    2. of the plan’s network providers
    3. Lower cost than the insurance plan since your out-of-pocket expenses are generally much higher under this plan
    4. No limits as to the number of times you may utilize the plan