New York State Employee Disability and Short Term Disability Benefits


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STD coverage provides a weekly benefit to covered employees when they are unable to work due to a non-occupational sickness, injury or pregnancy.



The plan typically has the following features:


    1. Benefit waiting period: once this period of disability is over, the employee’s benefit begins. Waiting periods are typically six days or thirteen days for accident and sickness. The periods can also be different for each such as a 0 waiting period for accident and 6 day or 13 day waiting period for sickness.
    2. Partial disability benefit: is structured to offer the employee partial disability benefits when the employee’s earnings decrease by at least 20%
    3. Guarantee Issue: the benefits are generally issued on a guarantee issue basis
    4. Benefit plan percentages generally range from 50%-66 2/3% of weekly wages and the maximum is set by you according to your needs and the insurance company’s guidelines.
    5. In order to be considered disabled, the employee must be unable to perform at least one of the material duties of their job or their disability must prevent them from earning more than 80% of their pre-disability earnings.
    6. STD can be offered on a non-contributory, partially contributory or voluntary basis. It can also be designed with a core employer paid program along with a supplemental employee paid benefit
    7. Statutory Disability Benefits: New York (DBL), New Jersey, California, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Puerto Rico have state disability plan requirements. There is a statutory minimum level of benefits that must be provided for your employees working in these states


For example, in New York, an employer must provide a minimum level of benefits of 50% to a maximum weekly benefit of $170 per week. Benefits begin on the eighth day of disability and last a maximum duration of 26 weeks.  Employees cannot contribute more than one-half of one percent of the first $120 of weekly wages, to a maximum of $.60 per week. A plan can be structured where richer benefits can be provided and can be paid for either by the employer or employees through payroll deductions.


Group STD or DBL plans are experience rated beginning at 100 enrolled employees.


JayMar Insurance Agency will work with you to design a plan that meets your needs and provides your employees with income protection to help them when disabled.